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Magic Application Solutions 4 Hospitality
The leading technology connector between Supply and Store Chains.

Discover todays astounding answer
to Supplier/Customer business relationship.

The Core Components

  • middleware or data management
  •  integration, automation,powerful instant reporting and business intelligence.

Our Procure to Pay product • connects suppliers and restaurants to achieve automation of the order and invoice cycle.

Our Restaurant accounting product • integrates popular point of sale solutions with popular accounting general ledgers.   

Our Hospitality Intelligence offering.• collects and collates all your data from different places, such as finance and point of sale and turns this into valuable information, reporting and alerts.   

Our Cloud Hospitality product • introduces cloud computing and other affordable IT, ensuring that hospitality benefits from modern technology.  

Procure To Pay -  The Solution

'Procure to Pay’ encompasses  the full procurement cycle. At the outset, a restaurant manager places an order with a supplier.
The complete end of the cycle is reached with the bank’s release of an EFT payment. A variety of steps are taken in between.
The solution's goal is to utilise technology throughout this cycle in order to:
• Minimise labour by removing unnecessary and duplicated data capture
• Reduce errors due to typical finger trouble and misunderstandings
• Expedite delivery in the shortest amount of time possible.
• Create efficiency in dealings between the store, head office and trading partners

Supplier ERP Integration.

Suppliers to the hospitality industry manage an intense ‘order receipting’ process. Orders are usually continuous and delivery urgent. Most suppliers capture each order manually into their ERP system. This is associated with a significant labour cost. Inevitable ongoing human error is also costly to resolve.

Supplier ERP integration' populates the restaurant's orders directly into a suppliers ERP Solution. Commonly, this is presented as an ‘unprocessed sales order and no data capture iSupplier ERP Integration. Suppliers to the hospitality industry manage an intense ‘order receipting’ process. Orders are usually continuous and delivery urgent. Most suppliers capture each order manually into their ERP system. This is associated with a significant labour cost. Inevitable ongoing human error is also costly to resolve.

'Supplier ERP integration' populates the restaurant's orders directly into a suppliers ERP Solution. Commonly, this is presented as an ‘unprocessed sales order’ and no data capture is required.

Most Valuable Gain – Time savings in that suppliers’ avoid re-cature of recieved orders and prevent the need for costly errors.s required.

Most Valuable Gain – Time savings in that suppliers’ avoid re-cature of recieved orders and prevent the need for costly errors.

Confirm our view on Traditional Ordering and Automated ordering  - 

Order Process
Traditional Shortcommings

  • Multi-capturing of the same detail
  • Re-capture errors cause incorrect deliveries and accounting journals
  • Wasted time in checking and fixing mistakes
  • Diminished productivity
  • Focus concentrated on unnecessary issues
  • Management distracted by "fire fighting" tasks

MASH Automated Ordering

  • Store POS becomes the central system
  • Simplification of processes and systems at store level
  • Significant elimination of errors and fixit requirements
  • More efficient working relationship between stores, head office and suppliers
  • Meaningful increase in accessible data and reporting information for management and suppliers 
  • Leads to accurate and speedier accounting and month end management pack

Elements of MASH ‘Procure to Pay’

Restaurant Ordering Solutions

The key to any efficient procurement cycle requires restaurants to make a shift to ‘Electronic orders’. Automation benefits filter down throughout the procurement process. A variety of ordering options offers flexibility to the store managers' expediting the ordering processes.

POS ordering Integration with popular POS back office systems facilitates ordering of items directly from the POS system. The Moditar ordering Gateway then links suppliers to the stores for complete automation of the order as well as delivery of the invoice back into the POS stock system.

Main Value Gain (MVG) – Store managers save a lot of time no longer having to capture GRVs and thus focus on other important money making tasks.

Order X is a ‘Smart Excel’ solution available at store level for placing of orders. The Excel document is linked to the Moditar Gateway allowing suppliers to deliver order sheets to all users.

Updates to items, even pricing, are automatically delivered to the OrderX order sheets. OrderX is a managed environment that place orders on suppliers - no saving and emailing is required.

MVG – an extremely affordable means to introduce restaurants to the benefits of ordering electronically

MASH Website Portal

MASH Web Solutions build electronic shop windows for suppliers to showcase their product items and make these available for electronic ordering. These portals are integrated into the Moditar Gateway ensuring orders placed on the website are automatically populated into the suppliers ERP applications.

Most Valuable Gain – A Web portal makes for easy ordering and offers the buyer opportunity to browse and learn more about the products they are ordering.

Mobile Solution

MASH Mobile Ordering allows managers to physically interact with their stock while building and expediting their order. Time is saved with no requirement to build a list and recapture into an order. Instead, identification of the items on a mobile and release of the order when ready is the simple process.

Most Valuable Gain – Convenient and time saving mechanism for routine placement of orders.

Supplier ERP Integration

Suppliers to the hospitality industry manage an intense ‘order receipting’ process. Orders are usually continuous and delivery urgent. Most suppliers capture each order manually into their ERP system. This is associated with a significant labour cost. Inevitable ongoing human error is also costly to solve.

'Supplier ERP integration' populates the restaurant's orders directly into a suppliers ERP Platform.. Commonly, this is presented as an ‘unprocessed sales order’ and no data capture is required.

Most Valuable Gain – Time savings in that suppliers’ payment need not be capake your own website in a few clicks! Mobirise helps you cut down development time by providing you with a flexible website editor with a drag and drop interface.

Restaurant Creditor Invoice Integration

  • Moditar continues to work with POS vendors to build integrations between the POS back office and the Moditar Gateway. Currently Micros, GAAP and KingPOS provide invoice integration with Moditar, ensuring that a store manager need not capture GRVs when receiving stock. Managers are required only to confirm the stock numbers are correct.
  • Valuable Gain – Substantial time savings with removal of daily GRV capture at store level.
  • Accounting Creditors Integration
  • Magic Box Restaurant Services Integrates the Suppliers invoice with restaurant groups’ financial creditors’ solution. Importantly, the integration interface allows the creditors’ clerk to verify and edit the invoice to ensure accuracy for the Creditors reconciliation.
  •  Valuable Gain – Substantial time saving with automatic population of creditors’ invoices extracted from the POS data.
  • Creditor Payments Automation


By John Smith posted July 30, 2015

Take a look at what The Magic Box and MODITAR can do for your efficiency and peace of mind.

More On Moditar Gateway

Moditar Ordering Gateway - The Moditar Gateway is a cloud application linked to each suppliers’ ERP item database. This integration is dynamic allowing changes and additions with regular synching. The gateway is also connected to the restaurant's stock receipting application, thus completing the potential full electronic ordering process. 

This allows a supplier to connect to multiple restaurants' procurement applications with only a single integration. 

Most Valuable Gain – The Moditar Gateway creates the opportunity to network the industry for the delivery of efficient B2B trading. 

Moditar Client Solution - The Moditar client solution is used to integrate the Gateway with the Suppliers ERP solution. Integrations exist for popular packages such as Sage Pastel Partner, Evolution and ACCPAC. While this integration is not ‘mandatory’ for participation, suppliers do receive tremendous benefits. The cost of this automation is far outweighed by the gains, 

Most Valuable Gain – Remove data capture and receive orders automatically into ERP as unprocessed sales orders. 

The Creditors solution facilitates the payment leg of the procurement process. After an invoice is authorised for payment an import file is used to populate the Bank payment within Internet Banking. All that is left to complete the transaction is the releasing the payment.Make your own website in a few clicks! Mobirise helps you cut down development time by providing you with a flexible website editor with a drag and drop interface.

 Accounting & Finance

Preparation of accounts in a restaurant environment has traditionally been plagued by significant manual data capture with a heavy reliance on manual Excel tasks, used in verifying the stores trading information.

The labour costs in signing off the monthly accounts are prohibitive and often only summarised transactions are recorded in the accounting package. More serious however is the 'lag' in getting to a reliable income statement. The greater the delay the greater the effect on making timely decisions in the quest for profits.
'Least cost instant accounting' describes an environment where accounting data is made ready for reporting outputs in the least amount of time (or in a perfect world, instantly). A further implied enhancement is availability of a wealth of performance and financial reports.

More About Accounting And Finance

A middleware layer sitting between an integrated point of sale environment and the formal set of accounting ledgers, paves the way for efficient verification and reconciliation as well as first level reporting.
In summary, we are experts in the transfer of stores' data into a centralised head office's reporting and accounting platform.

 The goals include maximum store control, valuable business intelligence and efficient preparation of comprehensive books.
Explore our wide range of applications designed specifically for restaurant operations and finance.

Accounting And Integration

Nail the Cash up
A middleware cloud platform plays host to incoming cash ups received directly from the point of sale database and verified by the restaurant store manager.
This centralised database offers performance reporting with sales, cost of sale and controllable expenses immediately available for consumption. As this platform is a financial database, actual versus budget reporting and monthly journey to breakeven is highlighted.
A bookkeeper interface allows head office to edit and verify the store's trading data in preparation for final 'automated' presentation in the general ledger.
This includes verification of sales, actual banking and a petty cash module.

Franchise Solutions

Adopting the approach of centralising multi-store restaurants' data in the cloud is extremely appealing for franchisors.

A host of benefits can be initiated with the 'centralised financial hub, acting as the starting point. Some examples of affordable and viable projects include the following:

  • Initiate enterprise business intelligence
  • Profitability Benchmarking and service to franchisees 
  • Automation of franchisee revenue declaration including automated debtor invoice
  • Document management and franchisee portal
  • Procure to pay integration with central kitchen
  • 'Mobile' driven store audit and reporting
  • Offer BULK restaurant accounting services to franchise community

Business Intelligence

The demand for Business Intelligence continues to grow in stature and in contrast to the past where only large corporates implemented BI, it now pervades small business as well.
A practical definition of business intelligence
The BI Journey
- BI cannot begin before the exec assign a budget and all buy into the BI journey.
- A project must ensue the company is able to collect and manage all the valuable data needed for BI.
- Next, management must become committed to stamping out a common inefficient culture known as Rogue Excel.
- The first valuable outputs can be found in the form of automated Excel.
- Now the business is ready for analytics, visualisations and extending enterprise BI to the fringes of the business.

Visualisation and Analytics

Take advantage of our team to discover the real value of your business data.
The world of business data is a bit like music. Taking in and benefiting from the brilliance is a realistic participation. Going all the way and becoming a concert pianist or chart topping song writer is open to you. Whichever your chosen route, data is a rich part of being involved in successful and profitable enterprises no matter where you participate in the delivery and user chain. Have information delivered to you or become a Self Service user,with us, the choice remains yours.

More About Visualisation And Analytics
The Specialised Data Service
Our version of Business Intelligence resonates with owners, managers and staff in the Hospitality industry on both outlet and supply sectors. Discovering the value of business data is the first step of an enlightening journey. Initially, information presented in fundamentally important reports stabalises basic control and management levels. The mid journey phase reveals analytical information presented on meaningful dashboard visuals enabling decisions that alter course slightly or tighten indicated screws a bit to gain better control, higher productivity, better service or higher profit return. In the later stages, the visualisation and presentation of intuitive reporting becomes clearer and meaningful in your planning and implementation of processes and policies.
Take the first step of switching on the music and enjoying the sound of your rich data set. The full appreciation of the complete score is a process that can take your business to the highest level.
Benefits Of Our PowerBi And Analytics

Focused definitively on your business
You receive the "good data" you need to gain the edge in your market
You begin to use your own data with market related data to provide best products at best price and best cost
Decisions become more logical with the right information in front of you
Our PowerBI service brings external market and industry related data into your consideration to give you ahead of the game information.

Excel Automation

Are you an Excel slave?
Using a world renowned Excel rpeoirting engine, we automate the power and benefits of Excel. Often this includes the reports you have already developed. Stay with the technologies you are familiar with, but implement MASH solutions to modernise your processes.

IT and Infrastructure

IT Managed Services
Our IT & Managed Services offering developed from an idea born out of the sheer desire to help small businesses get the most out of IT and to better understand the essential role it plays in today’s tech savvy world.
Technophobia is a common factor amongst businesses that have not traditionally enjoyed the advantage of affording leading edge, advanced IT technology. Fear of cost and wasted effort to make IT work has held back most smaller or vertically catagorised businesses from adopting a modern approach to potential IT based processes.
These hurdles are now a thing of the past. Technologies available at the right cost and with proven “fit-for-purpose” functionality are available in user friendly nature.

More About IT and Infrastructure

Affordable, tailored help from our team ensures your investment is optimally deployed initially and continuously. We are committed to display the power of today’s technology. We have the ability to remove concerns about over spending and under utilising.

IT Outsourcing Is A Viable Option - With the world going “Cloud” crazy, we believe there is an opportunity, particularly for small businesses, to have enterprise class IT solutions at their fingertips, at a fraction of the cost it would be to deploy servers and infrastructure on site. Cloud Services, an internet based computing solution, allows for resources, data and information to be available on demand. Our main focus is on how we can help our clients introduce IT services into their business. We are dedicated to ensuring that our clients are provided with a whole host of local, online and internet services that streamline all networking and connectivity concerns for both home and business. We bring 20 years of Corporate and SME experience to the table. If you are looking for ad-hoc or fully managed IT services, based on an honest and open relationship, we will ensure that you are provided with legendary service and support that will have your business or home network running smoothly 24/7.

Managed Services Benefits = Use our specialised expertise to cover IT knowledge gaps and avoid over spending and dubious choices in your IT ensure you are shown the way to fully utilise the technologies you have implemented Keep your IT working productively and continuously.

Make sure your existing and new staff are trained to use your IT efficiently

Use us to help you plan for, and utilise affordable technologies advantageously.

Make sure you get quick and conclusive help when you or your staff have the need.

Cloud Computing

Magic Box cloud software and services
Consider our expertise for a practical migration to the cloud. There is no single best practise or 'take me to the cloud manual'. Instead, each organisation must plan and implement a practical road map. Considerations include what you already have, your immediate and future needs, number of users, change management, geographical nature of your business such as branches and so on.
We provide affordable guidance and specification to ensure the best solutions at best price are implemented to modernise and elevate IT usage for business gain.
Moving to the cloud must be done at a pace and cost specifically aligned to your business.
Understanding hospitality is key and our industry experience together with strategic Cloud software provider partnerships ensure you get maximum value from one place.

More About Cloud Computing

The Cloud is here to stay:  Cloud (internet based) computing offers IT benefits that were simply not accessible to small and medium business in the recent past. Basically, Cloud solutions make it affordable to use sophisticated IT without the capital outlay. This is possible because expensive hardware and IT maintenance and support are no longer needed. Similarly, Capital cost of expensive software is replaced by a manageable subscription based model where you pay for what you use. Because computing is in the Cloud and is the responsibility of your service provider, you are able to access the benefits without detracting from your core business activities. 

The cloud is fast becoming the norm. 

Additional Cloud benefits:

Where IT cost is a differentiator the Cloud now makes it possible for smaller businesses to compete against the big players. 

The Cloud can scale with your business needs. This might include upscaling to meet rapid growth or the need to cut back or scale down and this agility is almost immediate.

Looking after your software is maintained by your software providers and regular updates are part of the standard.  

The cloud makes it easy to implement disaster recovery and backup solutions without additional investment or reliance on an IT department or contractors.

Instant collaboration and sharing of important documents, in the Cloud, ensures maximum inputs across your team. One version of the document exists and emailing copies to your entire community becomes defunct.

A presence at your workplace is no longer a requirement for you to actually be on the job. Working from anywhere and accessing what you need and when you need is becoming one of the key benefits of the Cloud.

Software & Licensing

As hospitality specialists use us to help you inexpensively navigate the maze of software that has exploded with the advent of the Internet, Cellular Apps, Cloud Computing and new emerging technologies.
Staying in touch and up to date with developments that bring benefits to your unique business is nigh impossible. Nevertheless there is much to be gained by making use of modern IT to make your business more efficient and more profitable.
Our team is standing by to help you identify aspects of your needs and configure affordable solutions.
Buying Software Not A Walk In The Park
An important element of selecting relevant software
is an in depth understanding of Licensing options and costs.
Our qualified technical team promise to work with you to optimise
an affordable investment that eliminates superfluous functionality and cost.

More About Software Licensing
Consider having a cost and knowledge handle on the following Hospitality friendly software.
Microsoft Software Products
Magic Box Modules
Connectivity Utilities and POS Integration Utilities
Database Functionality
BI Solutions and Reporting Utilities
Benefits Of Our Software & Licensing Services
Take the mystery out of the in's and out's of License ramifications, costs and support intracacies.
Know exactly what you are buying, what you can expect and how you can best deploy
Specialised support ensures you are always up and running
Training of replacement staff comes from one place
In the event you one stop shop with us there is no passing the buck between hardware, software and connectivity support providers


Too often businesses fail to take appropriate security precautions with their IT investment. This has become even more essential with "cloud" elements an every minute occurrence in virtually all IT environments. Often there is a lack of knowledge and understanding around what the minimum requirements are in any given circumstance to ensure up-time and protection of hardware, connectivity, software and valuable data.
Consideration must be given to expectations of your particular configuration of local, remote and hosted IT structures. Even the most simple and fundamental local network of PC, POS terminal and internet connection is open to failure if security is short changed.

More About Security

Where use is made of hosted infrastructure (IaaS) or Software As A Service (SaaS) in conjunction with in-house platforms of PC's , POS and software, the risk of serious breach escalates and needs more expertise to secure.

Choosing the right hosting service and provider of IT expertise eliminates most if not all risk on the "cloud" end but attention must then focus on local and connectivity elements of your IT environment.

As specialists in the Hospitality and particularly Restaurant and Fast Food sectors, we have focus on the security needs that are particular to the intimate details of IT in the industry. This curtails the possibility of overkill and unnecessary security measures. 

The result - best cost option. 

Know Us Better

  • Dedicated focus on enhancing the use and value of POS in the hospitality industry has been our mission for more than twelve years.
  • We have integrated with most of the leading POS suppliers during       this period.
  • We have integrated with many of the most used accounting packages in South Africa’s hospitality sector.
  • Our technical, training and consulting staff members have built up deep knowledge of what is needed to efficiently operate independent Restaurants, groups and Franchise enterprises.
  • Our specialized systems and processes knowledge adds essential elements to implementation projects within the hospitality sector.Our clients represent scalable scope from independent restaurants, through groups such as Stimulus, to Franchises like Doppio Zero
  • Our product includes an integrated gateway to B2B connectivity to main suppliers in the sector. This enables a seamless Procure To Pay facility. 

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